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Our cargo service ensures the secure and timely transport of your goods, while our forklift service guarantees efficient and expert handling of heavy loads. Whether you require load shifts or load transfers, the skilled team at D's Wrecker Service is equipped to manage it seamlessly, ensuring the safe relocation of your cargo. Additionally, we specialize in cargo material handling, providing top-notch solutions tailored to your specific requirements. In the unfortunate event of cargo spills or mishaps, our cargo remediation clean-up service is ready to quickly and thoroughly address any challenges, maintaining the integrity of your cargo and the environment. For reliable, efficient, and comprehensive cargo handling services in Eastern Oklahoma, trust D's Wrecker Service.

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Forklift service

Our forklift services ensure efficient and expert handling of heavy loads. With skilled operators and well-maintained equipment, we provide safe and seamless material handling, contributing to the smooth flow of your operations. Trust us for precision and reliability in every lift. 

Load Shifts

In need of load shift services? Whether it's a repositioning within a container or a larger logistical adjustment, our skilled team is adept at executing precise load shifts. We prioritize safety and efficiency, providing peace of mind in handling your valuable shipments. 

Load Transfer

Trust us for secure and prompt load transfers tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need to shift loads between vehicles or reorganize within a warehouse, our expert team ensures a smooth and efficient transfer process. Focusing on precision and reliability, we handle load transfers with care. 

Cargo Material Handling 

We specialize in the efficient and dependable management of your goods through our cargo material handling services. We guarantee your cargo's secure handling, loading, and unloading and strive to protect your shipments when managing delicate items or heavy equipment. Rely on us to secure your cargo at every stage of the handling process. 

Cargo Remediation Clean-up 

Our cargo remediation clean-up service resolves any spills or mishaps involving your cargo. Our expert team has the skills to clean up efficiently and remediate cargo-related challenges. With a commitment to environmental safety, we ensure thorough cleanup, preventing any potential hazards and maintaining the integrity of your cargo and surroundings. 

Decking & Undecking

In need of decking or undecking services? We provide efficient and seamless truck hauling operations with our decking and undecking services. Whether you're loading or unloading a truck onto or from a trailer or flatbed, our skilled team ensures a smooth and well-coordinated process.  Trust the D's Wrecker Service team for reliable decking and undecking services tailored to meet your needs.

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